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Become an Instructor


Our vision is to build a community of qualified instructors within the academy around the world who believe in the duty of care we have to our next generation. We are instructors of integrity and will play a vital role in eliminating the cognitive bias toward violence in order to bring peaceful solutions. We are the solution to unplugging a plugged in generation.

Instructor Program

Why would you want to become a qualified instructor?

You can literally create positive change in your local community and make a generational impact to help us with our goal of eliminating the cognitive bias toward violence in order to bring peaceful solutions to our next two generations. You will also be a part of the solution to unplugging our plugged in generation.

You may also have the desire to teach our programs to your local community and see the impact for yourself first hand.

How does it work?

You get to become a qualified ELMA instructor, receive all the tools and training. Think of it like a plug and play. You get everything you need and then you are free to start building your own business using these tools and the license, or you can simply just run some casual classes or implement it into your local community, or into you current children’s programs, or simply add to your skill set of tools to use with children.

What are the benefits?

  • You will have access to a globally unique program and network that believe in the vision for our future generations.
  • You will love the ongoing connection time through our private group page with other educators within the academy and the founder.
  • Whilst it is not part of the formal agreement, we will naturally send leads to your local territory so children can access this important work.
  • You will feature on our website and social networks as a qualified instructor and be promoted on our social channels regularly.
  • You will have access to a selected number of our strategic partners to support your work.

Become an Instructor

Initial Training

Access to instructor portal for the initial training on all modules with video instructions
Welcome Pack with a ELMA Uniform T Shirt
Training is available globally via the instructors portal
Access to the private group page where all other instructors share photos, experiences so we can all collectively support each other

Ongoing Training

The Academy will be there for you all the way with ongoing support and access to the license of the Academy and online instructor portal. When there are updated programs you will receive copies of these free of charge as part of your license.

License to act as a Qualified Instructor

The licence fee gains the instructor access to the academy community and where leads come in from their area these will be passed to them, however it is up to the instructor to build their own community in their local area, we will be a foundational support for them. We do offer social media advertising packages that you can purchase if you require support in your local area to build up your community.

The licensing fee includes a private facebook group with other instructors around the world that all have the vision of a global community and are dedicated to the future of our next generation, this ongoing license allows our instructors access to new additions to their programs as well as access to the instructors online portal.

The license commitment is a minimum of 12 months and is ongoing to ensure the community is supported and this allows you continued access to the course materials when teaching your community the program.

Qualification Process

The integrity of this work being rolled out to instructors is of the highest importance to the academy. The following 5 steps below allow us to ensure there is alignment between the instructor and the academy.

The process to become an instructor would involve;

  • Application form submitted online
  • Initial interview with Director of the Academy
  • Reviewed by Academy Team and only selected candidates approved
  • Notification of the outcome of application

What you need to provide;

  • Working with Children Check ID
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Professional Headshot on White Background and
  • Biography for us to place on our website

Company Collateral

There are some valuable cross-promotional benefits in being associated with our Academy. We invite you to send your company information and biography to us, as we list you on our website which will allow our followers to be able to find their local Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy provider. We also promote you regularly on our social media promotional calendar. Please send any information that will assist us in promoting you.

Approved Instructor Rollout

If you are approved to become a part of the ELMA family we then send you a link to access the online training.

Ideal Backgrounds:

  • Passionate mothers that want to start an at-home business
  • Currently working with children
  • Counsellors
  • Teachers
  • Ethical Entrepreneurs
  • Psychologists
  • Child Care Workers

Instructor Qualification Course (online) $797 AUD
License access and monthly support  $60 AUD per month (monthly ongoing fee to act under the academy license and access course material)

Apply Today

  • Please note: It won't cost you anything to complete this form, this is just for us to understand you and arrange a time with you to chat.Once you fill out this form, it doesn't process any formal approval. We will review the content and contact you for an informal phone chat. Once that's done and we both feel there is an alignment you will receive the next steps via email.
  • This is so we can understand what territory you may be placed in and where to send the welcome pack after your phone interview.