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Community matters

Kids Club

What is it?

This is a safe and secure club for kids to ensure they are going along the journey of emotional development with Jazzy and Pinky.

What do they get?

  • Access to any apps, games and videos that Jazzy and Pinky create.
  • Weekly tips for parent from Jazzy and Pinky on mindfulness and emotional literacy education.
  • A FREE Jazzy and Pinky Toy to remind them every day about the program.

Why is this a good idea for me as a parent?

Well, as a parent you have so much to do and we see you hiding that cape as you try to manage every aspect of your child’s development. It can be tiring and sometimes confusing on what to do. We simplify this for you give you tips and ideas on all areas for your childs development.

Your kids get to be involved in our public leader board of meditations and it allows them to see what other kids are doing, through association with other kids this solidifies their learning.


$10 per month membership

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