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6 Week

ELMA Course

Childrens 6 Week Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Course

The Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness Academy is a place where children learn about their emotional grid system, how to manage it, they learn to meditate and apply practical tools of application in the real world using mindfulness techniques to arm them with the capacity to unplug in a plugged in world.

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Emotional Literacy
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A globally unique approach to emotional well being for children 5 – 9years old.

Your child(ren) will be taken through an adventurous 6 week program with material that goes beyond the standard education system, these are essential life skills and tools that will build their emotional literacy in advanced yet fun ways, ability to understand their emotional grid system, emotional regulation, compassion and kindness.


The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids is a program provider for children aged 5 to 9 years old. The academy is a place where kids learn about their emotional grid system, how to manage it, they learn to meditate and apply practical tools of application in the real world using mindfulness techniques to arm them with the capacity to unplug in a plugged in world.

The literacy program is built around two characters ‘Jazzy and Pinky’, two little chickens from a chicken school, they invite kids on an adventure with their energy ball to support them in the important development of emotional intelligence awareness through a simple and fun program.

The program outcomes and deliverables are;

  • Emotional Literacy Skills – Happiness & Energetic Body
  • Communication Skills – With Self & Others
  • Transactional Behaviours – The Power of Expression
  • Social Interaction – Connection
  • Kinaesthetic Awareness & Techniques – Body Awareness, Intrinsic & Extrinsic Awareness
  • Mental Focus – Locus of Control
  • Integrated with Sound Therapy, using technology and frequencies that talk to the cellular memory.
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The neuroscience in early behaviour  “Recent advances in neuroscience are highlighting connections between emotion, social functioning and decision making that have the potential to revolutionise our understanding of the role of affect in education. In particular, the neurobiological evidence suggests that the aspects of cognition that we recruit most heavily in schools, namely learning, attention, memory, decision making and social functioning, are both profoundly affected by and subsumed within the processes of emotion”.

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang & Antonio Damasio “We Feel, Therefore We Learn: The Relevance of Affective and Social Neuroscience to Education.” Mind, Brain and Education, 2007, 1(1): 3.

For more science around the evidence based reasons for this work please review by clicking here.


Feeling Calm & Relaxed
Feeling Happy
Feeling Energised

We have great results in our classes, with most children feeling calm, relaxed and happy. A few of our participants feel energised after this work which is also a great outcome, however the majority feel calm, relaxed and happy.

“My energy ball feels happy and light” 6 years old

“My energy ball feels calm” 8 years old

“My energy ball feels excited” 6 years old



TERM 1, 2021  – (Enrolments Now Open)

  • Saturday 13th February 4.30pm – 5.30pm
  • Saturday 20th February 4.30pm – 5.30pm
  • Saturday 27th February 4.30pm – 5.30pm
  • Saturday 6th March 4.30pm – 5.30pm
  • Saturday 13th March 4.30pm – 5.30pm
  • Saturday 20th March 4.30pm – 5.30pm
TIME: 4.30pm – 5.30pm

LOCATION: 75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn

EXCHANGE: $297 for the full 6 week program, or 8 weekly payments of $40

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parents/Guardians, please note this is an interactive class that also involves you. We ask for one parent/guardian to please join us in class, the reason we do this is because our work doesn’t stop in class, it merely begins here, in order to implement long lasting change we require your support. When you leave class each week, we provide your children with a very easy playbook to fill in each day with you, please work with them on this and remember to bring the book back to class the following week.

No mobile phones or please turn on silent we require a technology free zone. There will be one phone (on flight mode) to take some photos throughout class to showcase the work we are doing and encourage others to join us. If you are not comfortable with photo’s please just let us know ahead of time.

WHAT TO BRING: Just bring some water and anything else that will make you feel comfortable (yoga mats, blankets are supplied, herbal teas on offer)

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Toys, technology devices or any distracting items for children.

WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS COURSE TO YOUR CHILDREN: We encourage you to share with your children that this is a fun time for the both of you to hang out together, there will be lots of games and you will be with them the entire time. You can also start reading them this story book (click here) in the lead up to class as a way to introduce them to Jazzy and Pinky.

The exchange for the 6 week program

8 weekly payments of $40 or $297 full payment (save $23)

One form per child. If you are enrolling more than one child please select the options below for group discounts.

Please note: There will be no refunds for a missed class or cancellations due to materials bought. You can ‘gift’ the entire 6 week class to a friend if you are unable to attend (individual classes can’t be gifted)

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This is a bedtime story about two chickens Jazzy and Pinky that explore their emotions, compassion, kindness and advanced skills in emotional literacy. This is a great tool to use as an introduction into emotional literacy and mindfulness. You can order the hard copy of the book here.