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Community Support Initiative

“She cried at the idea that we may not be able to afford to send her to her school”

-Ysaa Mother

Ysaa is the top of her class and has a high IQ. She loves school so much.

- Ysaa Mother

“We have to beg and borrow to get her school fees, and then what we have left for food we ration out for the week”

- Kate

        Help Ysaa Go To School For One Year

        To send Ysaa to school for one year costs AUD$1500 this will cover her books, uniforms and payment is made directly to the school.


        2 Years of School


        Funds Raised

        “KD is enjoying being able to go school. It really means so much to her”

        -KD's Mother

        She loves doing her assignments.

        - KD's Mother

        “They are so excited to get their books!”

        - KD's Mother

              Help KD Go To School For One Year

              To send KD (Ysaa’s Sister) to school for one year costs AUD$1500 this will cover her books, uniforms and payment is made directly to the school. KD loves her school so much and at one point her parents couldn’t afford to put both through class. So she missed out! Don’t let this happen again help support both children make it through school and end the poverty cycle.


              2 Years of School


              Total Raised

              About Ysaa & Her Family

              Ysaa is like her dad. She has a really high IQ. Her father got into law school but his parents couldn’t afford his education. So instead of being a lawyer he is now a security guard working 12 hours a day 7 days a week for $200AUD a month.

              We believe with our community support we can change this story for Ysaa, her sister KD and her family, with education.

              Most of the money they had (which is not much) would go to their children’s education as a way to break the poverty cycle. They would ration food out and eat the same thing most days, just to make the food last. They wouldn’t have anything fresh and to them it was a big treat to buy a cooked chicken.

              They don’t have access to water, and the only water they get is from a hose at midnight when the water pressure is good. They didn’t have much at all and live in a home where the roof is collapsing and the living conditions are terrible.

              We believe that God/Source always give us the ability to see a situation that we can do something about.

              So The Emotional Literacy Academy has sponsored both Yssa and KD’s education.  We know that $50 goes a looong way over there. So, we are calling on our community to support the education of their kids and then eventually help them break the poverty cycle with up-skilling for the parents.

              There is a lot to do, much awareness to be raised as this is not an uncommon situation in these countries. This is the start of what could be an international school for kids that can’t afford education.

              But we can’t do this without the help of our community.

              Step one: Let’s secure the kids education
              Step two: Let’s support them to be able buy food
              Step three: Let’s get the parents upskilled on courses to get better jobs
              Step four: Raise funds for a new home with better living conditions.

              $50 goes a very long way so your donation will go direct to the family in need – 100% of this goes directly to the family. You will receive monthly updates on the progress of the family and see the direct impact you are having on them.

              So answer the call…and join us in breaking one families lifetime of poverty.

              Then we will continue to do what we can. One family at a time.



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