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Do Morning Routines the Right Way!


Are you one of those parents that get up ten minutes before you have to leave the house, roll out of bed, brush your hair with one hand while trying to grab a bite to eat all whilst yelling at your children to hurry up and put their shoes on for school?

Let’s admit it. This morning routine is not working! It’s causing you to stress out, lose your cool with your kids and at the end of it all, you’re still late getting to work. There will always be days when you have to rush a little bit more but overall, having a good solid morning routine will set a positive and productive tone for the rest of your day.

It won’t happen magically in a day or two but once you start implementing the following changes in your life, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways.


  1. Wake up at the time that is right for YOU!

We often hear that adults need 8 hours of sleep a night but did you know that can vary on the individual and their own needs. Some feel that they have gotten adequate rest in 6 hours while others may require 10 hours a night to feel their best in the morning. It’s important to get in tune with your body’s clock to establish a good sleep routine. Remember, a well-rested person will have a better chance of a productive day than someone who hasn’t gotten enough rest.


  1. Make decisions at night.

What should I wear? What should I make for breakfast? What should I give to the kids for their school lunches? These decisions might not seem like a big deal but in reality, they require time, planning and will drain you even before your day has started. So, instead of making decisions in the morning, make it a habit to create a to-do list at night, get the kids’ clothes ready and your own too and pack your lunches when you have that time on your hand at night.


  1. Plan out an ideal morning routine.

We all have one –where everything goes smoothly and you don’t become a raging monster because you’re getting late. Who wants to start off their day like that? I know I don’t and I know my kids don’t like seeing that side of me either. So, it’s a great idea to actually plan out a perfect morning routine where you fit in everything that you think is necessary for a perfect morning such as a mediation session, journal writing, healthy breakfast, writing sweet notes to pack in the kids’ lunch boxes and so on. When you are more aware of what you’re looking for, you will be able to make more conscious changes to your current routine.


  1. Get moving.

As tough as this one sounds, it is actually one of the best ways to feel positive and get that blood flowing. It doesn’t mean you have to do a long strenuous workout but perhaps a short brisk walk or a ride on a stationary bike. It gets your heart pumping, releases ‘happy’ hormones and makes you feel like you have achieved something right away in the morning which is a great start to the day. Remember to stay hydrated while moving because that can provide great energy for your day ahead!


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Internationally Recognised Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Expert Tenille Bentley is the founder of The Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness Academy and the author of the children’s emotional literacy books with Jazzy and Pinky and The Energy Ball. Giving children a wonderful introduction to understanding their emotions and what to do with them.

Tenille has been featured on Channel 9 News and other major outlets. Her work has been recognized in the community by The Governor of Western Australia, The Prime Minister of Australia, and Australian Financial Review.

As a child, she experienced severe anxiety and emotional traumas as well as bullying which left her feeling isolated and unable to understand why she was feeling the way she did. As an adult, this impacted her ability to make healthy decisions because she didn’t have the tools to understand her emotions. 

This is why she is passionate about equipping parents with the tools to support their children to make better decisions in life and healthy ones to help support and create a balanced home life.