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Neuroscience early intervention

Our Instructors

Our vision is to build a community of qualified instructors within the academy around the world who believe in the duty of care we have to our next generation. We are instructors of integrity and will play a vital role in eliminating the cognitive bias toward violence in order to bring peaceful solutions. We are the solution to unplugging a plugged in generation.

Becoming a part of our instructor family, you get the ability to bring our proven model to your local community. Helping support our next generation.

Our instructors are aimed to be a global network of people that have a true passion for the wellbeing of our next generation. They have gone through our qualification process and are now building their ELMA community.

If you would like to be a part of our global team please read our instructor program qualification.





Meet our instructors

Tamara Chapman
Tamara Chapman, Qualified Instructor

Tamara is passionate about educating and promoting holistic wellness through sound, nutrition and organics.

She holds a Diploma in Kyela Sound Therapy and is affiliated with a frequency music composer. She is a Mental Health First Aider and an experienced Youth Mentor. I completing a Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

As a child I was shy and disconnected from myself and didn’t believe my thoughts, feelings and passions were worthy of attention. My own experience has driven my dedication to educating precious little people and empowering them with skills and understanding that will help guide them on life’s journey.

Local Territory: Maylands, Western Australia

Tenille Bentley
Tenille Bentley, Instructor & Founder

Tenille Bentley is the founder of the Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness Academy, Author of the Jazzy and Pinky book and also a practicing instructor.

She has graduated more than 200 children through the program with the goal to eliminate the cognitive bias towards violence within two generations by unplugging a plugged in generation.

Tenille was recognised by the Prime minister for her work and inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame amongst many other awards. However her passion was driven by asking herself the question on how do we make sustainable change? The kids academy was the answer she was given.

Local Territory: Cottesloe, Western Australia

Angela Verburg
Angela Verburg, Qualified Instructor

As a mum of three, Angela is passionate about raising physically and mentally healthy children. She has a Bachelor of Health Science, with her career in health promotion mostly focusing on improving nutrition and physical activity levels in the community. She believes that providing children with emotional literacy skills will provide a great platform for children to grown into happy, healthy adults.

The journey of motherhood has been a time of reflection and where I have seen many of my own emotions mirrored back through my children. As parents we need many tools in our toolbox and a community to support us. I have personally attended the workshops with my daughter as I could see she was struggling with life’s big emotions. I loved that we both came away with new skills and a closer connection.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to empower other children and parents through sharing the children workshops.

Local Territory: Guildford, Western Australia