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Neuroscience early intervention

Our Instructors

We are building a global community of qualified instructors to teach our programs in your local community.

If you would like to access any of our workshops in your local area please review the list below of our qualified instructors and their contact details for a workshop near you.

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Meet our instructors

Tenille Bentley
Tenille Bentley, CEO & Founder

Tenille Bentley is the founder of The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids, Children’s Author and Award Winning Community Leader with a passion for supporting our next generation with the tools she wishes she could have had access to as a child.

As a child she suffered severe anxiety and emotional traumas as well as bullying which left her feeling isolated, and unable to understand why she was feeling the way she did.

However, emotional literacy wasn’t in the narrative in her generation.

Today, we have evolved, science has caught up and we now understand the important role emotional intelligence plays in our every day lives.

She didn’t know how to express her emotions, or why she felt these big emotions as a kid.

So, she searched high and low, studied, spent thousands on courses until she arrived at a place where she knew how to potentially change the trajectory of a child’s growing years for the positive.

After using these tools to turn her own life around she went on to build a multi million dollar company in under 2 years, a global charity that touched the lives of more than 30K children in 5 different countries.

She was recognised by the Australian Prime Minister with ‘The Australian Leadership Award’ which is only presented to 20 people in Australia. She was awarded the ‘Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence’, State Finalist in the ‘Telstra Business Woman of the Year’, inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame by The Governor and awarded the Top 3 Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards.

She has seen so many exhausted parents stress over what they can do to manage the big emotions that their children face, and not feeling like they have tools to help support and create a balanced home life.

Services Offered

Online Homeschool Programs for 5-9yrs
Online At Home Family Integration Programs
School Programs
Instructor Programs
One on One Coaching & Support

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Territory: Global

Dr Rowa Barashi
Dr Rowa Barashi, Qualified Instructor

Rowa holds a Phd. She is a strong believer in the subconscious mind’s power, emotional literacy, connection, and technology and its impact on customer experience.

She is a culture & language primary teacher in Melbourne.

Rowa has a diverse background in areas including IT, Marketing, and Management, working in different sectors, such as education and private industries.

Rowa was growing up in a big family, she was always with kids, and she worked in different orphanage houses.

Rowa is a yoga teacher, loves meditation; she has been practising since she becomes a solo mama to one bright daughter.

She has been passionate about helping children since her daughter diagnosed with executive function.

During a healing journey, she found it fascinating to learn more about herself, her daughter and explore the extraordinary power of accessing the gate of emotional blockages and needs.

She loves reading self-development books and she attended courses with Daniel Goleman on emotional literacy.

Her number one mission is to help all mums be more connected to their kids, help kids reach their full potential and learn to be mindful and relaxed in their own body.

She dreams of building a resilient generation who believe that they are more than enough in a demanding world.

Rowa has decided to shift her focus from Customer experience research to Kids’ experience and how parents can facilitate this journey to be a fun, peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Services Offered

Local Workshops 5-9yrs old


Territory: Melbourne, Australia

Lucy Pickles
Lucy Pickles, Qualified Instructor

Lucy is a qualified early childhood and primary school teacher.

She has had the opportunity to work in a variety of primary and early childhood settings over the past fourteen years.

During her time in the classroom, she has observed that many children have difficulty understanding and regulating their emotions, which ultimately has an impact on their ability to engage with learning experiences in the classroom.

Lucy believes children learn best through play-based experiences and she is passionate about providing children and families with access to high-quality, nature-inspired education and support.

In the future, She is going to be completing further studies to become a qualified counsellor and play therapist so that she can better assist children to reach their full potential in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Services Offered

Local Workshops 5-9yrs old

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Territory: Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley New South Wales, Australia

April Kinney
April Kinney, Qualified Instructor

April’s professional career has spanned more than 20 years where she has worked in small business as well as global Fortune 500 Corporations in the USA and Australia. 

She is the former Director of Strategic Planning and Risk Management for a multi-national engineering construction company. 

As a certified NLP Master Practitioner and coach, April has now embarked on a new journey.

April has always been passionate about working on her emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. 

Her interest in health and fitness goes back to her early high school years when she joined an all-women’s gym and played competitive tennis. 

Since then, she has gone on to compete in triathlon, cycling, running, and powerlifting events.  In 2015, April become a professional fitness model by winning at the Natural Olympia World Championships in Las Vegas.

It is her never-ending drive and ambition that push her forward.

April’s new journey is focused on helping and guiding others. Her greatest satisfaction has always come from leaving an everlasting positive impact on the lives of those around her.

Services Offered

Local Workshops 5-9yrs old

Email | Website | Facebook

Territory: Claremont and Surrounds, Western Australia

Tracey Regan
Tracey Regan, Qualified Instructor

Tracey describes herself as a jack of all trades, having worked in the film industry, for a women’s weekly magazine, in the Corporate world of banking, and multiple roles in admin and finance, as well as a sailing instructor in the South of France, an activity instructor in an adventure centre in Wales, a lock-keeper at the famous St. Katherine’s Dock in London, and ten years working in the disability sector.

For the last decade, Tracey has taken a deep dive into writing. She is the author of 9 children’s books and founded her publishing company, The Lemon Tree Book Company in 2011.

In 2017, after working on her business and improving her writing skills, writing for friends and business associates, she took the plunge and began copywriting professionally. From there she became an editor and proofreader and this year alone, has edited twelve books. She has an online course helping aspiring authors to release their books and has supported several people to publish, from the editing stage all the way through to publishing and marketing. She is currently working on her novel.

In her spare time, Tracey loves to travel and be adventurous, having bungee-jumped, parachuted, and travelled through the air at over 100mph on the fast zip-line in the world.

She is fascinated and continually learning about the world and the people in it, and is a Certified Hypnotist and Belief Clearing Practioner. As a lover of Mother Nature, her favourite thing is to walk in the forest or near water.

Services Offered

Local Workshops 5-9yrs old


Territory: Bassendean and Surrounds, Western Australia


Sarah Housely
Sarah Housely, Qualified Instructor

Sarah Housley is a kinesiologist, wellness mentor, workshop instructor and the founder of Adventurous Hearts.

She is deeply passionate about inspiring people to reconnect with their authentic nature and unique creative expression, and supports people to find balance and freedom in their physical, mental and emotional health.

Her passion for natural medicine lead her to study naturopathy, where she discovered the powerful physiological effect of thoughts and emotions on the human body. Inspired by her research on the power of the mind and the impact of subtle energy on physical health, Sarah trained as a kinesiologist and now uses her extensive knowledge and experience to support people’s healing journey at a deeper level.

Sarah has a deep calling to nurture young souls and help liberate the unique creative spark inside every child. In a busy and ‘plugged in’ world, Sarah observes children becoming increasingly disconnected from who they are, from their families and fellow human beings, and from this beautiful planet and the organic life around them. 

To help restore the balance, Sarah has made it her primary mission to inspire children to embrace their uniqueness and support them to become courageously authentic, compassionate, creative, sovereign adults who thrive on their individual journeys while living in harmony with nature and their local and wider community.

Adventurous Hearts embodies Sarah’s passion for wellness and community and the wisdom she has gained from her personal and professional experience.

Services Offered

Local Workshops  5-9yrs old


Territory: Maylands and Surrounds, Western Australia

Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller, Qualified Instructor

Lisa Miller is a Mum of two children Jackson aged 13 and Sarah aged 10.

After seeking her own spiritual development in the last 15 years, Lisa has evolved from her usual trade of Hairdressing, to studying the healing arts, and created a beautiful space for her clientele and their families called The Botanical Hair Therapist.

From completing a varying list of personal discovery Healing practices such as Transcendental Meditation, Indian Head Massage, Reiki & Universal Rays Healing and Australian Bush Flower Essences, the Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness program, came to her quite organically, as the perfect next step in being able to share this wisdom and knowledge with the children in her community.

Her passion for helping children understand their emotional world, is close to her heart, as the program aligns perfectly with her own journey as an empathic child.

Services Offered

Local One on One Sessions 5-9yrs old


Territory: Pearsall and Surrounds, Western Australia

Laura Ainsworth
Laura Ainsworth, Qualified Instructor
Laura Ainsworth is a mum of two, an incredible primary school teacher with over 20years experience and she is teaching children in Year 3 currently.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education and a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Education. She is passionate about holistic health, gardening and sustainable living and am also a Reiki therapist.
Laura loves being able to support children to learn how to  be their own best and nurture their connection to themselves, each other and to nature.
” As a mum of two teenagers and 20 years teaching in primary schools I have seen first hand just how valuable and beneficial it is for children to learn about their emotions and how to manage them in empowering ways.
As part of the ELMA team, I look forward to encouraging these understandings and skills to grow through fun, games, music, stories and movement.
The tools and strategies children learn will nurture a foundation of life long understandings about their emotions and wellbeing.”

Services Offered

Inhouse School Teacher  Year 3 (not available to public)

Territory: Mundaring and surrounds, Western Australia

Claudette McKelvie
Claudette McKelvie, Qualified Instructor

Claudette is an experienced Social Worker of 17 years and  mum to two beautiful children 7yrs and  4yrs.

She has a background in children, youth and family counselling, child consultancy and team leading.

Behind the scenes Claudette is passionate about using music and creative arts  in such a way that  holistically reaches out to children, young people and their families.

Services Offered

Local Workshops 5-9yrs old


Territory: Joondalup and Surrounds, Western Australia

Julie-Anne Muir
Julie-Anne Muir, School Pilot Program

Julie-Anne Muir has been a classroom primary school teacher for the past 20 years. She is in her 3rd year as a Health Specialist teacher at Beeliar Primary School.

Julie-Anne is passionate about developing children’s health knowledge, as well as promoting positive attitudes towards their own well-being and healthy behaviour.

This program is being used as a pilot to determine the efficacy in a large scale learning environment.

She is looking forward to using the program to further develop in her children a sense of self and emotional awareness as well as emotional regulation and resilience, so each child can realize their full potential.

She loves giving students strategies to acquire critical thinking, application and transfer of knowledge, making an impact on well-being and self-esteem.

Julie-Anne is looking forward to using the program with her pre-primary to year 3 students to support their emotional well-being and sense of calm.

Connection to nature is a love of Julie-Anne. Weekends are regularly spent re-connectingto nature in the country doing lots of bushwalking, gardening or time with her dog Monty.

Services Offered

Inhouse School Teacher  (not available to public)

Territory: Beeliar Primary School, Western Australia