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Neuroscience early intervention

Our Instructors

Our vision is to build a community of qualified instructors within the academy around the world who believe in the duty of care we have to our next generation. We are instructors of integrity and will play a vital role in eliminating the cognitive bias toward violence in order to bring peaceful solutions. We are the solution to unplugging a plugged in generation.

Becoming a part of our instructor family, you get the ability to bring our proven model to your local community. Helping support our next generation.

Our instructors are aimed to be a global network of people that have a true passion for the wellbeing of our next generation. They have gone through our qualification process and are now building their ELMA community.

If you would like to be a part of our global team please read our instructor program qualification.





Meet our instructors

Beth Corps
Beth Corps, Qualified Instructor
Beth is a Mama to four beautiful children aged 6,5,4 and 3 years of age.  She is a registered Primary School Teacher and is a Qualified Kids Rainbow Yoga Instructor and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher.  Beth is deeply passionate about food, nutrition and holistic health and is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Naturopathy at Endeavour College in Western Australia.
Her belief is in helping and healing the whole person by addressing all aspects of life which include our thoughts, movement, nutrition, breathing, hydration and sleep.
“Being a qualified ELMA instructor allows me to break down these 6 pillars and simplify them so children gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts and feelings through movement, breath work and nutrition in a fun, warm and interactive environment.”

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Territory: City Beach and Surrounds, Western Australia

Tenille Bentley
Tenille Bentley, Instructor & Founder

Tenille Bentley is the founder of the Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness Academy, Author of the Jazzy and Pinky book and also a practicing instructor.

She has graduated more than 200 children through the program with the goal to eliminate the cognitive bias towards violence within two generations by unplugging a plugged in generation.

Tenille was recognised by the Prime minister for her work and inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame amongst many other awards. However her passion was driven by asking herself the question on how do we make sustainable change? The kids academy was the answer she was given.


Territory: Mount Hawthorn and Surrounds, Western Australia

Laura Ainsworth
Laura Ainsworth, Qualified Instructor
Laura Ainsworth is a mum of two, an incredible primary school teacher with over 20years experience and she is teaching children in Year 3 currently. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education and a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Education. She is passionate about holistic health, gardening and sustainable living and am also a Reiki therapist.
Laura loves being able to support children to learn how to  be their own best and nurture their connection to themselves, each other and to nature.

” As a mum of two teenagers and 20 years teaching in primary schools I have seen first hand just how valuable and beneficial it is for children to learn about their emotions and how to manage them in empowering ways. As part of the ELMA team, I look forward to encouraging these understandings and skills to grow through fun, games, music, stories and movement. The tools and strategies children learn will nurture a foundation of life long understandings about their emotions and wellbeing.”


Territory: Mundaring and surrounds, Western Australia

Leticia Favero
Leticia Favero, Qualified Instructor

Leticia has a mixed background, working in Biochemistry Research; as a Yoga Instructor and as an Early Childhood Educator. Over 10 years experience on Meditation Practices and Reiki Healing, she is energetic and passionate about promoting health and wellbeing.

The pursue of self knowledge and self improvement has taken her through Yoga and Pranayma, EFT, NLP as well as Ayurveda. She is an advocate of working with your own awareness to reach a complete control of body and mind.

Her training includes: Montessori teaching : online introduction course as well as 2 years role with an Early Education Montessori Centre (Smart Start), 3 years as an Early Childhood  Educator, 2 years Yoga Instructor, 2 years in Biochem Research – Oxidation of DNA research and 1 year of Yoga with babies and toddlers experience.

Being fully present, aware and positive on each interaction, supporting each child through their development and discovery of these beautiful world.

I have worked as an educator for the last 3 years; recently joining Elma’s journey to support little people’s journeys.


Claudette McKelvie
Claudette McKelvie, Qualified Instructor

Claudette is an experienced Social Worker of 17 years and  mum to two beautiful children 7yrs and  4yrs. She has a background in children, youth and family counselling, child consultancy and team leading.

Behind the scenes Claudette is passionate about using music and creative arts  in such a way that  holistically reaches out to children, young people and their families.


Territory: Joondalup and Surrounds, Western Australia

Michelle Jorgenson
Michelle Jorgenson, Qualified Instructor

Michelle Jorgensen has been passionate about connecting with and helping children ever since she can remember. As a child, she made a promise to herself of bringing the wonder, enthusiasm and magic of childhood to everything she would do as an adult. And she has kept that promise….

Michelle worked for many years as a dentist treating mainly children. Her easy-going, calm and reassuring manner put each child at ease. While she was performing their treatment, she would use breathing and meditation techniques, stories and songs to ensure they were relaxed and would have a positive and happy experience.

When her first child was born, Michelle hung up her clinic coat to become a stay-at-home mother. Now her children are aged 3, 6 and 8 and it’s their turn to use breathing, meditation, stories and songs to become grounded, relaxed and ready to learn.

In her spare time, Michelle loves blowing bubbles with her children, while watching her two chickens Cheepy and Blackberry scratch around in the yard. Michelle also has a passion for flowers and is currently studying Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging.

“I feel privileged and grateful to join the other ELMA instructors in connecting with and helping children, especially those with learning differences, to gain the skills they need to thrive in today’s world.”


Territory: Stafford Heights and Surrounds, Brisbane, Queensland