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Jazz, Pinky & The Energy Ball


This is a unique story introducing children to advanced emotional literacy skills to assist them in emotional regulation, building kindness, understanding and compassion.

It is a fun and educational journey to assist the development of children’s emotional intelligence by helping them to understand their feelings through an energy ball and become aware of other people’s energy ball.

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The Magic Unmuddle

The Magic Unmuddle

Emotional Intelligence With Device Management (Up to 9yrs old)

You might be wondering what the ‘Magic UnMuddle’ is?

Welcome to this wonderful adventure. Guiding children how to have emotional intelligence when using digital devices.

They can learn how to self regulate with device usage. How they do this, using their energy ball (our emotional intelligence tool). They learn what they can do to ‘disconnect’ and go play instead.

We call it the Magic UnMuddle. Using the magic of the energy ball, to ‘UnMuddle’ themselves from their devices.

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Digital Consciousness


Digital Consciousness is a philosophical dialogue into the evolution of consciousness within the digital terrain and the legacy imprint on the human family. Supported by the internationally renowned HeartMath Institute, Dr Bruce Lipton and Dr John Demartini. This book will get you looking at digital and consciousness, how they interact and what it could mean for our society…. in a very different way.


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Awakened from Blind's Walking Sleep

Awakened from blind’s walking sleep

Journeys into love and reflection

The remarkable melding of original empathic, poetic philosophy, illusory and allusory photography and artistic design by Exquisite Friends’ Martin Graham, Michael and Jane Pelusey and Vanessa Tolomei, invites deep contemplation in this, their first stunning literary collaborative work.

The stylish, panoramic, digital volume weaves language and landscape,  compassionately exploring individual ‘perception’ as our unique reality – ‘our survival story’ – a comforting delusion.

It awakens our capacity to recognise and forgive ‘perception’ in ourselves and others, opening a pathway to more inclusive love, through courageous, vulnerable reflection.

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