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We Help Children Feel Safe With Their Emotions

So They Can Make Healthy Life Choices.

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What We Do

We help children feel safe with their emotions so they can make healthy life choices.

ELMA Education is a global leader in ‘culturally specific’ social and emotional learning tools for children.  Their innovative ‘at-school and at-home’ programs are accessed digitally online for ease, and delivered personally offline for real-world engagement.

ELMA’s ‘at-school’ program offers an evidence-informed, user-friendly educational platform for early childhood teachers to promote social and emotional literacy (SEL) and mindfulness skills for children aged four to nine years.

Children who develop SEL skills early are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress, build positive relationships and succeed in school and life.

That’s great for themselves and for the world they’ll contribute to and lead.

Using our tools, they will be able to build sustainable skills that encourage accountability, responsibility and confidence with their emotions. To promote healthy social skills with self and others.

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Learn From a Trusted and Recognised Emotional Literacy Expert – Have a look at Tenille sharing her wisdom with millions


I’m the founder of The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids. I’m an educator, children’s author and multi-award winning business woman, recognised by the Prime Minister for my work in the community.

My passion?  Supporting our next generation with the tools I wish I could have had access to as a child. As a sustainable approach to building emotionally intelligent adults of the next generation.

Because if we have a world of adults with emotional awareness and literacy could you imagine just how different the world might be?

As a child I suffered severe anxiety and emotional traumas. However, emotional literacy wasn’t in the narrative in my generation. Today, we have evolved, science has caught up and we now understand the important role emotional intelligence plays in our every day lives, not to mention the incredible benefits to academic learning.

Like you, I have seen so many parents have anxiety and stress over how to support the emotional growth of our children in the hope that we can equip them with the tools to make better decisions in life and healthy ones.

With our unique social and emotional program,  graduating thousands around the world and hundreds of qualified educators, we are developing a strong foundation of children that will make healthier life choices when they are adults.

What People Say About The Program

Grace went on to teach your program to her classroom of kids, teaching them about meditation and Jazzy, Pinky and The Energy Ball”

- 5yrs old

“My energy ball feels calm and happy”

- 7 yr old

“Your mindfulness technique and sound therapy literally transformed our daughters behaviour, it is the most consistent that it has ever being, and the family really got into the Mindful Minnies, heart hugs are also our new favourite activity”

- Kate
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        School Programs

        Our innovative social and emotional train-the-teacher school program is rolling out globally.

        Much evidence has shown how effective intervention in preschool and the early elementary years can improve childhood non cognitive skills in a lasting way.

        Enhancing these skills can have an impact in multiple areas and therefore has potential for positively affecting individuals as well as community public health substantially. The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute is calling for resilience training, more extra-curricular activities in schools to help prevent mental health disorders.

        “With about 50 per cent of mental health disorders beginning before the age of 14 years, prevention and early intervention are paramount if we want to reduce lifetime prevalence of mental health disorders and allow children to live their best possible lives. Improving mental health for children and adolescents has therefore become an international priority.” MCRI

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        Hear from our Kids

        A globally unique approach to emotional well being for children 5 – 9years old. 

        Your child(ren) will be taken through an adventurous 6 week program with material that goes beyond the standard education system, these are essential life skills and tools that will build their emotional literacy in advanced yet fun ways, ability to understand their emotional grid system, emotional regulation, compassion and kindness.

        We have great results in our emotional intelligence and mindfulness classes for children, with most of our graduates using our tools and able to express and regulate leaving children feeling calm, relaxed and happy.

        Our emotional regulation and mindfulness course for kids expands their awareness and you get to connect with your child at a deeper level.

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