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The Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness Academy is a place where kids learn about their emotional grid system, how to manage the BIG Emotions, they learn to meditate and apply practical tools of application in the real world using proven techniques to arm them with the capacity to unplug in a plugged in world.

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Online Programs

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What We Do

We Create Happier Kids Who Can Emotionally Regulate Whilst Understanding Why The Emotions Occur and How To Express Them Without Losing Control.

We Teach You and Your Children Life Skills In A Fun And Easy Way For The Entire Family To Support The Rainbow Of Emotions So That Your Child Can ‘Self Regulate’ Building ‘Mental Resilience’.

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What our Parents Say

Grace went on to teach your program to her classroom of kids, teaching them about meditation and Jazzy, Pinky and The Energy Ball”

- 5yrs old

“My energy ball feels calm and happy”

- 7 yr old

“Your meditation technique and sound therapy literally transformed our daughters behaviour, it is the most consistent that it has ever being, and the family really got into the Medi Wedi Meditations, heart hugs are also our new favourite activity”

- Kate
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        As a Parent....

        Pretty much all parents can relate to watching your child’s emotions go from zero to a hundred within seconds. But no one told you what to do with this or that there could be a better way.

        You never thought you would spend days feeling guilty because you ended up screaming at your kids or the household would feel a bit out of control. Parenting during these challenging times can feel isolating.

        You might feel like you have tried everything, read all the books and watched all the videos.

        But now you can open yourself and your child to an incredible tool that will help you breakthrough and finally feel like you have an easy to use emotional regulation and expression tool that works.

        Online Programs

        Hear from our Kids

        A globally unique approach to emotional well being for children 5 – 9years old.

        Your child(ren) will be taken through an adventurous 6 week program with material that goes beyond the standard education system, these are essential life skills and tools that will build their emotional literacy in advanced yet fun ways, ability to understand their emotional grid system, emotional regulation, compassion and kindness.

        We have great results in our classes, with most of our graduates using our tools and able to express and regulate leaving children feeling calm, relaxed and happy.

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        As seen on Channel 9 News

        Learn From a Trusted and Recognised Emotional Literacy Expert – Have a look at Tenille sharing her wisdom with millions

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        I’m the founder of The Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy for Kids, Author and Award Winning

        Community Leader with a passion for supporting our next generation with the tools I wish I could have had access to as a child.

        As a child I suffered severe anxiety and emotional traumas as well as bullying which left me feeling isolated, and unable to understand why I was feeling the way I did.However, emotional literacy wasn’t in the narrative in my generation. Today, we have evolved, science has caught up and we now understand the important role emotional intelligence plays in our every day lives.

        I didn’t know how to express my emotions, or why I felt so sad as a young child, I couldn’t socialise properly and found myself carrying a lot of self hatred, blaming myself for trauma’s that occurred around me that were out of my control which resulted in my early adult years making decisions in life that weren’t healthy because I couldn’t cope with the huge amount of emotions that I couldn’t understand.

        Like you, I have seen so many parents have anxiety and stress over how to support the emotional growth of our children in the hope that we can equip them with the tools to make better decisions in life and healthy ones.

        I have seen so many exhausted parents stress over what they can do to manage the big emotions that their children face, and not feeling like they have tools to help support and create a balanced home life.

        It wasn’t until I discovered these powerful tools that helped me as an adult and I saw that they also supported children. And I finally understood how hard it is for kids of today to find peace, calm and understand their emotions and more importantly what to do with them.

        What I learned completely transformed my perspective and the families I’ve helped, and Im sure it will for you too!

        Inculcate Mindfulness into Children’s Life to Help Them Be a Better Human

        We are one of the leading and top experts in providing helpful mindfulness classes to kids all over the place. ELMA is working day and night in the hope of making sure that children can now manage to have control over their emotions and feelings. These mindfulness classes for children will help them to live a peaceful and calm life. We are all set to help the children become strong by providing them with the techniques and tools to control their mental health. Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy utilizes research-based relaxation and mindful techniques along with values and positive psychology.


        Why Teach Mindfulness to the Kids?

        Whenever we teach children to be mindful, we provide them with the skills to help them develop confidence, deal with stress, and adapt to stressful or difficult times. The sooner we do this in their young lives, the better the potential to help them grow stronger, improve and refine their experience of mindfulness as they grow. Our mindfulness classes for kids can also guide the little ones to shape their three critical skills in early childhood. These will be about being able to pay attention to the information, behave properly in any situation, and shift between tasks back-forth. These skills are known as cognitive functions and are necessary for children to conduct more advanced activities such as planning, logic, problem-solving, and constructive social relations. We are very much particular about providing the kids with the best skills.


        Benefits Rendered by Mindfulness Classes of Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Academy


        As per our experience and expertise, we can say that our mindfulness course for kids can render some amazing benefits. We have talked about those advantages in the following section.

        • Helps Them Cope-Up With Stress

        Mindfulness is also integrated into emotional relief and cognitive behavioral therapy for kids. The aim of using these types of approaches is to include a toolkit for children dealing with stress for ways to cope with childhood trauma. Our mindfulness classes for children help the little ones shift their focus from panicking about the past to what is happening with them at present.

        • Increases Focus and Attention

        Cognitive function is a collection of skills that help children to do things like concentrate on activities, obey orders, and, most significantly, manage their own emotions. Kids require these skills in their daily life and at school. With the help of our programs outlined to increase mindfulness in kids, we can certainly ensure that there will be an enhancement in their attention span.

        • Boosts Positivity in Little Ones

        The understanding of the present time is essential in the practice of mindfulness. Many of the fear and sadness that kids feel as humans come from avoiding and resisting their emotions. It is always possible that this can make your kids feel bad. Hence, we always try that with the help of our program; kids can certainly become positive and emotionally strong.


        ELMA promises to Make your Kids Much Stronger and Bolder!


        Sponsor a Child - Scholarship Program

        Whilst we have many children attending our workshops, sometimes there are those who can’t gain access to our course for financial reasons. Our desire is to have this available to all children. So we launched a scholarship program where you can support other children less fortunate than us to receive a fully paid scholarship to attend our 6 week program.

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