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Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace Matters







About Corporate Emotional Wellbeing

Using the science of mindfulness & wellbeing for optimal brain wave states for FOCUS, CLARITY, REDUCED STRESS & INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY and WELLBEING in the workplace – creating happier people.

Our founder of the academy, Tenille Bentley delivers this program in some of the top organisations and biggest boardrooms around Australia. She is specialised in the field of corporate emotional wellbeing and how this connects with the workplace. After an illustrious business career building a multi million dollar company and a global charitable organisation.

She got to the top of her ladder being recognised by the  Australian Prime Minister with ‘The Australian Leadership Award’, awarded the ‘Australian Financial Review Top 100 Australia’s Women of Influence’.

She was awarded the State Finalist in the ‘Telstra Business Woman of the Year’ and inducted into the Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame by The Governor.

Tenille is also a  credited and experienced board director having sat on some of the most prestigious boards in Australia. However, after working 18 hour days, 7 days a week for years, she worked herself sick many times over. This completely changed the trajectory of her career. Seeing herself through the eyes of many in the corporate world, the stress, the health issues and impact on staff, she realised she had to provide a solution.

She hung up the stilettos, and quickly became  a bridge between the corporate world and the link between wellness, mindfulness and health. She is also an accomplished globally recognised frequency sound therapist. This forms a program offering that is both in the mind (practical) and the heart (experiential) using the science and neuroscience of mindfulness and wellness, she offers a unique experience that has being described as transformative.

Why is emotional wellbeing in the workplace important?

Organisations are increasingly concerned with the resilience and wellbeing of employees, in part because of a growing awareness of the costs of absenteeism, present-eeism and staff turnover associated with stress and mental health problems.

Mental health issues are the leading cause of sickness absence and long-term work incapacity in Australia

Eight Australians die by their own hand each day: six of them men. For every person who succeeds, there are another 30 who attempt suicide, with 85,980 people in this country trying to take their own lives in any given year. It is the most common cause of death in Australians aged 15-44, more likely to kill you than a motor vehicle accident or skin cancer.

A massive 20 per cent of suicides are linked to work.
Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety cost Australian businesses up to $12 billion.

“Mindfulness appears to positively impact human functioning overall. Research in such disciplines as psychology, neuroscience and medicine provide a wealth of evidence that mindfulness improves attention, cognition, emotions, behaviour and physiology.”

Our programs within the workplace to build happier humans and support resilience because it;

  • equips individuals with self-awareness that helps them to understand resilience and actively participate in its development
  • enables people to recognise the signs of stress and respond more effectively
  • develops discernment between activities that nurture or deplete internal resources
  • recognises the power of thoughts and finds ways of skilfully working with them supports a culture where relationships are valued.

“Let me thank you, I mean publicly, I have to thank you because you’re providing the world with great information that’s quite necessary for evolution”

Dr Bruce Lipton

“I’m a massive fan of you and your community”

Jack Delosa

ES2 – King Street, Perth

I just had the most amazing experience today, when Tenille came into our corporate office. She is so good at explaining and doing what she does, I came away feeling so relaxed and have some perfect strategies for dealing with the stresses of a hectic work life. You just have to experience sound meditation for yourself, my words just cannot describe it. Can’t wait for the next session.

Andy Battle

        About the Programs

        Using the science of mindfulness & wellbeing for optimal brain wave states for focus, clarity, reduced stress & increase productivity and wellbeing.

        This workshop will first take the audience into the mind, the neuroscience of the mind and how this interconnects with the overall health of our wellbeing.

        They will receive workbooks and exercises to complete and taught simple and practical techniques for mindfulness, health and wellbeing.

        This is then paired with Tenille’s unique sound meditation as an experiential component of the workshop to bring participants into a state of wellbeing. Otherwise known as sound therapy, neuroscientist Dr Norman Doidge was known for how the science of sound was able to completely rewire brain activity.

        We assist in the release of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your employees, in an efficient and enjoyable experience within your workplace.

        We use the infusions of sound, but not any sound, science based frequencies that are proven to impact at a subatomic level. Within 10 minutes of this work their brain wave activity drops into delta and theta state where they will experience the release of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’.

        Sonic therapy improves many facets of their life, including emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, and psychological and psychiatric health.

        Ongoing programs for your staff’s wellbeing and support can be delivered in the following categories but not limited to;

        • Well Being and Resilience
        • Emotional Wellbeing & Literacy
        • Mindfulness & Meditation
        • Conscious Leadership
        • Focus & Clarity
        • Creativity and Innovation
        • Plus many more tailored solutions to your specific requirements.
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