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How to Get Kids Back Into a Routine after School Holidays

Get Kids Back Into a Routine

Between family gatherings, picnics and swimming lessons during the summer holidays, it’s likely that school is a distant memory for your kids. But, holidays are nearly over and it’s time to gear your kids up to get back into their regular school routines. It can be a difficult time for young children so here are some expert tips to help you make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

Earlier Bedtimes

Most likely, your child’s sleep schedule was turned completely upside down during the holidays so it is important to get them back into their usual bedtime routines a week before school actually begins. You can make it a nice relaxing time for yourself and your children by doing wind-down activities such as warm baths, soft music and bedtime stories. You should also gradually move their bedtimes earlier every night, even by 15 minutes, so it will give their body clocks a chance to slowly adjust to the new bedtime by the time school starts.

Turn off gadgets

Usually kids spend a lot of their free time on electronic gadgets during the holidays so you might want to reduce their screen time gradually before school starts and get them to turn off their devices 2-3 hours before their bedtime. Remember, the blue light emitted from screens can disrupt their sleep cycle and make winding down difficult.

Get them involved

It gives kids a great sense of responsibility when you involve them in important decisions and they feel valued when you respect their opinions and choices. Let them pick their new backpacks, stationary items or what they’ll be eating for lunch at school. Find out which activities the school offers which they are interested in and encourage them to enroll such as band, football, debate etc.

Acknowledge their feelings

It is normal for kids to feel anxiety before school starts, so let them have their meltdown and allow them to feel and express their feelings. Explain that you understand and sympathize with them; assure them that they will slowly get adjusted to school and that they can come to you whenever they are having a problem. Be sure to spend extra time snuggling and loving your child so they feel extra secure.

Get organized

Don’t wait until the last minute to get yourself and your child organized. Since the school mornings will already be hectic, it’s best to arrange everything such as uniforms, their backpacks and lunches the night before and be consistent with this approach so your kids get into the habit of doing this independently.

Keep yourself calm

Parents can easily transfer their negative energy to their children and their stress or anxiety can have a direct impact on them. It is important to help them feel secure and the only way you can do that is by remaining calm and confident yourself. Remind them of all the great memories they have of the summer holidays and that it’s time to get back to their daily school routine. Encourage them by making back-to-school time a positive experience.