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5 Handy Tips for Stress-Free Mornings


Are you one of those moms who’s ready to tear out her hair every morning when the kids leave for school? One kid isn’t ready to get out of bed, the other one can’t find his socks and one is begging to let her stay at home for once.

It seems like you lose your mind and your temper way too much and it’s happening more than you like. You feel as if you’re yelling but still going unheard.

Well, today we are going to discuss some handy tips that will help you manage your mornings in a better manner and make things run more smoothly.

Before we tackle the solution, it is important for parents to understand why children often show signs of misbehavior in the mornings.


Why are mornings so tough?

  • Kids want more control than they have
  • Kids haven’t slept well/too tired/unwell
  • Kids are seeking parents attention
  • Kids are feeling rushed
  • Kids feel anxious due to exam pressure, bullying, projects due, etc.

What can you do to make things better?


  1. Establish better emotional connections, especially in the mornings.

When children feel emotionally disconnected from their parents, they tend to act out and delve into attention-seeking behaviours. So, even before the misbehaviour starts, it is important to maintain a positive and loving connection with your child.  To make your routine go smoothly, add an extra dose of attention early in the morning.


  1. Let your children have some control.

Children often feel that they are being ordered around too much and are not getting enough control over their own lives. So, before it becomes a power struggle in the morning when you are fighting for control, let them make some of the decisions. Not only will this ease some of your burden of decision-making, but it will also get your child to feel that they are more independent and in control.


  1. They are not trying to make you angry. Maybe they actually need your help.

Have you ever thought that your children may actually need your help in the mornings and you are expecting beyond their capabilities? Imagine a drill sergeant screaming to hurry up and finish your push-ups over your head, especially when you have just gotten out of a warm cozy bed. That’s similar to what your child feels. Remind yourself that children need assistance even if they do those tasks daily. And, instead of rushing them while feeling angry, it would be much better if you simply lend them a hand.


  1. Be emotionally available.

Try to spend quality time, fifteen to twenty minutes daily with your child. This could be one-on-one time that you spend doing something your child likes, such as going on a walk, reading, or cooking their favourite dish with them. When you start doing this on a daily basis, you’ll automatically see a difference in your child’s behaviour.


  1. Consistent routines.

Children thrive on structure. It is important to set up a daily routine that provides ample time for your child to get dressed, eat breakfast and not feel rushed when doing their morning tasks. The less haphazard things are in the morning, the less likely they are to feel anxious or misbehave.



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Internationally Recognised Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Expert Tenille Bentley is the founder of The Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness Academy and the author of the children’s emotional literacy books with Jazzy and Pinky and The Energy Ball. Giving children a wonderful introduction to understanding their emotions and what to do with them.

Tenille has been featured on Channel 9 News and other major outlets. Her work has been recognized in the community by The Governor of Western Australia, The Prime Minister of Australia, and Australian Financial Review.

As a child, she experienced severe anxiety and emotional traumas as well as bullying which left her feeling isolated and unable to understand why she was feeling the way she did. As an adult, this impacted her ability to make healthy decisions because she didn’t have the tools to understand her emotions. 

This is why she is passionate about equipping parents with the tools to support their children to make better decisions in life and healthy ones to help support and create a balanced home life.